Phone Chat Numbers for a Sexy Switch

phone chat numbersPhone chat numbers are everywhere on the Internet. You have thousands of hot sexy babes to chose from. I am not the kind of woman that every man wants. I am not young or old. I am in my early 30s. I have no brats or husband. But I am a sexy switch, and many guys love that. I let your cock and wallet size determine if you get my bad ass bitch side, or my sexy GFE side. I love being with men with big cocks and bigger wallets. Real men who can spoil me and fuck me properly. I do not always find those men, however. I do seem to be a magnet for small dick losers with no money. I moonlight as a sexy stripper.  The customer is not always right though. The club owner, my boss, has a huge 13.5-inch black cock. He knows I deserve a big dick. He lets us strippers decided what we do in the VIP room and with whom. The bouncers always back us up. I was in the VIP room last night with a high roller. Well, I thought he was one. He was a poser in every way. He maxed out his credit card with champagne and lap dances. Plus, he had a tiny dick and when he could no longer afford me, he attempted to force himself on me. No fucking way was I allowing that. I kicked him in the nuts. He fell to his knees, and I poured ice down his pants to calm him down. I took my bra and tied his hands behind his back. I called in one of the bouncers. A big black man with a foot long cock. I rode his big black beast in front of the broke ass loser while calling him names. I took all the money he had and his dignity.

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