Phone Chat Numbers of a Bratty Girl

phone chat numbers

Hey you. Yes, you! I know you love a bratty girl or you wouldn’t have ended up here on this page. It’s a good thing you found me because I am the brattiest of them all and once you call me, you won’t ever be the same again. If you’ve never known what it was like to be owned by a pretty girl like me, then you should buckle up because you’re about to find out. You’ll tell me that you can resist me, but that is just going to make me laugh really hard. You won’t be able to resist me no matter how hard you try.
I’ll have you wrapped around my pretty little finger in no time and you’ll give me anything I want. All I’ll have to do is mention that I want something and you’ll make it happen. It might be that I want a present, but I might also want you to DO something. Dress up in your sissy outfit, go to a store, and tell some women that you’re a loser, get a wooden spoon and beat your cock and balls until you’re crying. The sky is the limit and I’m ready to test yours!

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