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phone chat numbers

I know that most women don’t like being choked during sex, but it’s one of my greatest joys in life. It makes me so happy when I am face down with a dick balls deep inside me and then I feel those big, strong hands around my neck. Obviously, no man has ever gone all the way and snuffed me out, but there are times when I really want it. It’s what I fantasize about while being choked. Holy shit, it makes me cum so hard when I think about someone draining the life out of me while they shoot a load deep inside me.

Do you have a fantasy like that? Choking? Snuff? I love anything extreme. In fact, I feel pretty okay with saying that I probably love it more than you do. I’ve been a victim of various things during my life, and like I said on my website, I’ve decided to just embrace it. Whatever happens, happens. If I get snuffed out while being fucked like a whore, then that’s just what I deserve, I guess. Are you going to be the one to do me in? Call my phone chat numbers so we can find out.

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