Yet another bitch learns a lesson!

phonesexOnce again I’ve come across YET ANOTHER stupid little bitch. This little ho is going to need some stitches once I’m done with her! I just hate sluts who think they can get one over on me, as if I’m the one who is a stupid little whore! Ha! Well I’m going to show her who the stupid one is now! Oh and I’m not going to snuff this one out…no no, I’ll let her live this time. I’ve been needing a little pet to keep around and this is the girl to force into submission. My forceful ways are more than what one might classify as a little… violent. I’m going to make this girl bleed so fucking much, she will be in so much pain that she is going to wish I would end it all, I will make her beg for me to snuff her little life out, but she won’t get that type of satisfaction. No, I’m going to beat the shit out of her, fuck her pretty little face up, and cut her entire body too. I’m going to even break a couple bones while I’m at it; oh she’ll just love that! Ahh and once I  am done torturing her and inflicting all the fucking pain that she deserves, I’ve got more in store for her! The fun and games are not over just yet! No, you’re my pet now so I own your ass! You should be kissing the fucking dirt I walk on you little cunt, for letting you live. You’re fucking lucky. That’s why you’re going to take all this cock like the good stupid cunt you are, you will get on your knees and beg them to fuck you. I will publicly embarrass you until you learn to be the perfect submissive slut, my little fuck pet. And I see you might need some medical attention from your brutal beating, well you’re going to have to do some serious cock-sucking to earn the privilege of those stitches you clearly so desperately need.

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