I love breastfeeding!

pregnant phone sexI love so many things about being a Mommy. I love having their bodies to play with, the whole process of getting pregnant – and of course being pregnant and one of my very favorite things is breastfeeding all my little ones. Everyone is right – breastfeeding should be done away from others because it is a very sexual thing. For me, at least it is. My newest one I’ve popped out is always breastfeeding. She loves to suck on Mommy’s titty and I love it too. I love the way her tiny mouth sucked so hard on my nipple. It always makes my pussy wet. I just get so super turned on breastfeeding my little girl, I needed to rub my cunt while she did it. I was sliding my fingers in and out of my cunt as she buried her face into my tit sucking hard for Mommy’s milk. I could feel the milk gushing from my nipples as the juices gushed from my pussy and it was so amazing! I cum every time I breastfeed without fail!

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