A Slutty Trans Girl’s Phone Chat Numbers

Phone Chat Numbers

Not a lot of sexy Tranny babes work jobs where men can call their phone chat numbers, and they can mutually masturbate in some hot dirty talking phone sex. I’m a sexy Brazilian woman with a huge sexual appetite. I have hot, firm titties that will melt in your mouth, and a sweet little asshole better than a hot fudge sundae. The secret I have is my ten inch thick girl dick. That’s right sweetie, I’m a trans girl with a huge cock that’s rock hard and throbbing. Nothing would please me more than letting it slide right down your throat.

Or maybe you’d prefer it if I got down on my pretty little knees and face fucked myself on your cock. I love a fat cock, and i love it even more when it’s stretching out my tight little anal fuck hole. Whichever you prefer, I can guarantee we’re going to both cum more than you ever knew you could. When you’re drained, your balls empty and you’re coated in a film of sweat, I’ll still going to be wanting more of you. I’ll be using you, whether making you my little cum dumpster or being yours, until my balls have been emptied for good for the night.

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