Age Play Fantasy With Momma

age play fantasy (6)

I love when some guy comes around to do a nice and kinky age play fantasy with Mommy and I! It’s one of her favorite too. It reminds her how she liked to taste my little pussy when I was nice and young and unsuspecting. It is tight now…but when I was that young? Well we all know nothing compares to a tightness like that. Smooth baby soft skin… and a nice pouty mouth for sucking…I know that it’s everything you ever wanted and more. And Mommy and I can happily and easily give you that dream. I’ll be your young girl while Mommy helps you…she’s going to help you guide that cock into my little pussy. Help you fuck this nice and tight cunt. I know it’s tight but you’re just going to have to force it in! You’re just going to have to take this pussy and own it. The best little cunt and all for you…can we tempt you?

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