BBC Loving Phone Chat Numbers


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Since we were neighbors and coworkers, I invited her over for a black cock gangbang. I wanted Chelsea to know just how good black cock could stuff her fuck holes. She struggled at first even taking an anaconda down her throat, but I helped slam her pretty little blonde head down on a 12 inch monster cock and she soon discovered why once you go black you don’t go back. The first time I shared her with my black posse she was scared. I pretty much just let her be a cleanup bitch. Eased her into the BBC lifestyle. She discovered she loved swallowing black cock that had been up my ass. My little bimbo was an ass to mouth whore.

phone chat lines BBC loverSo for the first couple gangbangs she sucked dick and cleaned up my cum drenched holes. Chelsea is a black cock gangbang whore now. Other companies talk about having BBC lovers, but few can hold a candle to my experiences. I have trained women and men alike to be black cock loving whores. Trust me, I can make you a black cock loving faggot, just like I turned Chelsea into a BBC clean up bitch whore.

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