Cody’s Phone Chat Numbers

Phone Chat Numbers

My Big bouncy double d titties hide a lot from men. I am the sweetest thing you have ever seen right? Well I have a deep dark side to me. Let me tell you about Dwayne. He is a power house CEO and he is my bitch. Our relationship started out with a bang. He saw me on a date with a guy and he walked right up to us. Pulled a chair to sit right next to me and started asking me about my date. Can he take care of me the way I needed to be taken care of? Can he spoil me with clothes, diamonds, money and trips? I looked at my date and asked him to excuse us. That’s right my date with James ended right there because let’s be honest. He wasn’t getting me wet, he was really boring to me, but I knew what Dwayne was when he sat down next to us. Dwayne on the other hand had no  idea what he was getting himself into. A strong man out in the world is always a weak man in the bedroom. It wasn’t long till he got me alone in his home. We went right into the bedroom, I told him to drop his pants. He got naked while I went into the bathroom. I came back out still fully dressed in my body hugging black dress and red bottom heels. He was laying in the bed looking disappointed as I walked to the edge of the bed. “You see Dwayne, I knew what you had when you started mouthing off at the table.” I flipped up the covers to expose a tiny little cock and balls. “I knew you had a tiny cock.” I said as I grabbed the head of his tiny dick with the tips of my nails. “Now tell me who controls this cock for now on?” I pinched the head of his tiny cock, making him grin as his voice changed and his sissy faggot self came back . “You do.” I pulled my tight dress off, pulled my black thong off and sat on his face. Forced him to eat my pussy as I humiliated him for having such a tiny cock. He paid me a thousand dollars just to eat my pussy. He have another date tonight.. I might lock his tiny cock up. 

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