Mirror Mirror On The Wall

phone chat numbers I don’t know about you but I love to watch myself fuck. I love to watch my cunt as it gets wetter by the minute soaking your cock. I have mirrors all over my room so that I can see that cock sliding in and out of any hole at any angle. Something about watching that dick go in and out of my pussy makes me wet as fucking hell. It drives me wild. I find the men that I fuck watching just as intently at our fucking. Combining all of our senses while we fuck makes it more intense. Listening to the sound of a juicy pussy as a cock slides in and out. Listening as the sound changes the juicier it gets. Inhaling the fragrance of raw sex, the musky smell of pussy filed with cum and cock covered in cunt juice. Watching the image of our bodies pounding against each other and savoring the feel of all of it combined. Does anything make you cum harder then all the pieces of raw, unbridled fucking put together?

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