Daddys Age Play Fantasy

age play fantasy (5)

Can you imagine walking in on this? Walking in on your little girl sleeping soundly…naked and sucking her tiny little thumb. Hair in piggy tails nonetheless! No Daddy could resist this…there’s no way.  Daddy would simply come up behind this tiny little tight body of mine, take out his big love stick and rub the head of it on my little ass…slowly working up to my mouth and replacing my thumb with your cock. I am still sucking it, just like I would suck on my thumb…getting it bigger and harder in my mouth as I do so, and suddenly I am awake and sucking it hard for more. Your slutty little daughter wants more. I love this cock in my mouth even more than my thumb. I am happy to suck it hard, trying to get out all the warm white cum I know Daddy has for me.  And Daddy wants it too, he pulls my little pig tails down so my mouth with go deeper, and he pushed his cock down my throat, making my his lil age play fantasy whore.

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