Mommy Wants To Play

phone chat numbers dixieBeing a cum slut whore I have no limits, no morals, no fucking rules. So when he looked at me like he wanted to fuck me I decided to let him. I didn’t care that he was much younger then me, he had a dick.
He called to tell me that his mom was going to be gone shopping for some time and I could come over.
I wasted no time getting. He was about to get his first lesson on REAL down and dirty fucking.
Ripping his clothes off and taking his throbbing virgin cock in my mouth I worked my magic. I knew he would blow his load right away and I wanted that virgin jizz in my mouth. As soon as I swallowed it down, I took off my clothes and his deflating cock stood right back up.
I threw him down on the bed and mounted him, bouncing up and down.
Neither of us heard the door and before we knew it his mom was standing there.
I didn’t give a fuck I kept riding that dick.
That is when i felt her hot mouth on my nipple.
I am so glad that mommy wants to play too.

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