Granny Phone Chat Games

granny phone chat pcnGranny phone chat? I bet I am not what you were expecting, am I? I may be a grandma, but no blue hair for me. I don’t watch games shows and I don’t have a walker either. I have 7 grand angels, and the games I play with them are illegal in 50 states. Naked Twister is a lot of fun with little ones, especially with a sexy GILF like me who also has nice big breasts. The little ones often find their mouths and hands all over granny’s big natural tits. If I am lucky, a hard little dick might slip into a hole too. Guess the candy in granny’s pussy is another fun game. My favorite actually. You ever play that with your grandma? I take a variety of candy (sprees, Hershey’s Kisses, sweet tarts….) and put them in my pussy. Only takes a few minutes for the candy to start to melt inside my warm wet cunt. Once this happens, I let the grand angels line up and take a lick. They try to guess the flavor they taste inside me. It is really a fun game for us all. I love being a dirty granny. None of my grand brats have any complaints either because I’m a granny who likes to fuck.

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