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My brother has this obsession with my panties. He loves smelling my dirty panties. He licks them, he sucks on them as he rubs his cock. Oh god he loves to cum inside of my panties. He loves the crusty panties. If I stay over at a friends house I’ll wear the same panties for a few days before I go. I’ll finger myself in them over and over again. He loves that old cum smell from my panties. He loves to rub his cock in them. He wears them on his head while he searches for the perfect picture of me. He loves watching our old videos where he is fucking both of my holes. He loves using my pussy juices as lube when he fucks my asshole. Now that we are older I send my brother dirty panties while he is in college. I love seeing the pictures he sends to me of him cumming in my dirty panties! 

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