Ellen’s Phone chat lines are poppin’

Phone chat lines

I love going to the club when my Phone chat lines are off! Partying at the club was specifically tailored to me. I love to dance, drink, flirt, fuck, smoke, and pop pills. I mean I work hard and I think I should have a little fun every fucking night.  Friday and Saturday nights are the best nights of the week for sure. Last week I put on my favorite pair of fishnet stockings and a sexy leather top and went out. Within 15 minutes of being there I had a couple of guys buying me drinks using the dance floor as an excuse to rub their already-hard cocks against me. I knew these guys were down to party. One of them brought me back to the their table and ordered a round of shots. He leaned over and whispered in my ear “I’ve got some blow if you wanna fuck in the bathroom”. Jackpot. I instantly got up, grabbed his hand and lead him straight to the ladies room. I started tearing his clothes off before reaching the stall. I started rifling through his pockets looking for that powdery goodness as I was stripping his clothes off. At last I found it. I told him to cut lines on the toilet, and while he did I laid down on my back putting my head between his legs so I could suck on the tip of his cock while he got my lines ready. As soon as he was done I snorted my line then pulled my fishnets down. I begged him to fuck my ass deep and hard. The dirtier the better! Like I said, I love the club, it gives me such good ideas for my callers. I know you nasty pervs love it when I do a line or 5 with you. Hitting the rail hard as we chat about my club nights.

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