Being teased makes me wet.

My brother is absolutely evil when it comes to teasing. He knows that I am an absolute sucker for it. If you tease me, it just makes me crave more. I can’t do things just a little bit, I have to finish what I start. If you tease me you better be ready to please me. Anyway, back to my story. The other day my brother had caught me right after I had just got done drying off from a shower. I was wrapped up in a towel walking down the hall to my room to get dressed. He whistled at me and called me over to the couch. He grabbed the towel and slid it down off of my body. His eyes lit up like a kid at a candy store when he saw my squeaky clean body fresh from the shower. He grabbed me and bet me over the couch and pulled his cock out. He pressed the head of it to the opening of my pussy and then just stopped! He spit on my ass hole and rubbed it with his thumb and asked me if I wanted his cock inside of me. Yes! Please! Hurry! “Are you sure?” “Yes, please! Please fuck me brother!”.

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He pressed his thumb more firmly against my puckered little asshole and said “I don’t know… I don’t think you want it”. “Please fuck me! Please! Shove your cock deep into my little fuck hole! Use my pussy to get yourself off! Please brother!”. I begged and pleaded until he finally forced his dick deep inside my wet little cunt. I was so anxious for it that I exploded as soon as I felt my pussy start to stretch around his cock. I haven’t came that hard in a long time! Thank you, evil-brother!

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