Follow My Instructions

phone chat numbersSit down there on the couch. Loosen up that tie and unbutton the top button on that dress shirt. Let me bring you a nice cold adult beverage. Close your eyes and let the days stress melt away as I start at your feet, removing your shoes and socks, running my hands up the inside of your slacks. You open your eyes and see me undoing my top as I lean over to undo your pants with my mouth. I slide my hands into your waist band and start wiggling your slacks down. Lightly running the tips of my fingers down your legs and over your dick before kissing and licking the places that cause you to shiver. I can feel your body relaxing and you reach towards me to pull me in for a kiss. Shaking my head no I push your hands down to your sides. Standing up I unbutton the rest of your shirt and cover your chest with feathery kisses. Standing up I begin to do a slow and sultry strip tease meant to make your cock long for the velvety softness of the inside of my pussy. Finally I walk towards you and straddle your lap as I slide you inside of me and milk you dry.

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