Foot Fetish

phone chat numbers dixieHe loves my feet. I can’t say as I blame him, they are very pretty.
When he wants to play he sends me for a pedicure on him. He calls ahead and lets the nail tech know what color polish he wants and any other specifics he may require.
I am waiting for him in my living room, the big dildo attached to the arm of the couch so that I can ride it with my back towards him, leaning forward.
He will sit behind me and pour flavored oil on his hand before rubbing his hands together getting it nice and warm.
Then he rubs my pussy with it and positions me directly over the rubber dick that he loves so much.
I know not to move until I am told.
I hear the oil squirt into his hand again and I know he will be rubbing it all over my feet and placing them on either side of his dick.
he gives the word and as I lower myself onto the cock my feet move up the shaft of his dick.
Watching me fuck the dildo while my feet jerk his dick drives him crazy.
As I cum all over the dildo he blows his load on my feet and ten savors the flavor of the oil and his jizz as he licks them clean.

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