Good morning!

Age play fantasy

I woke up this morning with feeling so fucking good. I was having the best sex dream and just as I was about to cum… I opened my eyes to see my naughty sister Cara licking and sucking my tight pink pussy until I came all over her face. I wanted and need her even more right then and there. She came up to kiss me good morning and I flipped her over. She bit her lip as I sucked on her tiny little pink nipple. Teasing her by nibbling her nipple then sucking it nice and hard while teasing it with my tongue. My fingers found their way past her white cotton panties and into her warm wet pussy. I started playing with her clit, feeling how warm and wet she was… I just had to lick her tiny little pussy! I slowly kissed her down her belly to her pussy. I licked her through her panties and finally pulled them down to lick and tongue fuck her pussy and asshole till she came all over my face.. That is a great way to wake up!

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