He delivered more than my groceries

phone chat numbersI had the absolute cutest delivery boy today, he was all frazzled because he was running really behind on his deliveries and everyone before me was pretty mean to him about it. Poor boy was expecting that I would be a total bitch too so instead I was extra nice to him. I invited him in and sat him down at the table, I told him that he clearly needed a break and to just sit there and let me get him a drink. I gave him a nice cold glass of lemonade and then sank to my knees in front of him and pulled out his cock. He was shocked but he didn’t stop me so I sucked that cock deep down my throat and let him fuck my face until he came! That poor boy just needed a break and I was happy to give him an extra special tip, it was so sweet that he was so grateful for it too! I bet he will be delivering my groceries as often as he can now!

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