Hog Tied

phone chat numbers robynHog tied and gagged, laying on the cold tile floor. He is screaming at me to tell him what a whore I am but with the gag in my mouth all I can do is mumble. Each time I respond the best I can he kicks me in my ribs. The pain is excruciating. Yet each time his booted foot makes contact with my flesh my pussy betrays me and squirts a little more juice. He reaches between my legs and feels the wet spot and it feeds his anger. I am not supposed to be turned on. This isn’t what he wants and yet I can’t help myself. The rush makes me long for more abuse. I know soon he will yank me on to my stomach and he will violate my ass and pussy, fucking me hard and rough, bruising my flesh inside and out and I will cum so hard that he will be infuriated. he will beat me then until darkness over takes my conscience mind. As I drift a way on a sea of satisfaction, I know that the pain will greet me when I wake.

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