I love being a grandma!

grandma phone sexWhen I first learned I was going to be a grandmother, I was so excited. Grandmas have the most fun! They get to get the little ones for a little while and send them back to mom and dad! We get to spoil them, teach them, and have them at their best times. I get to be the ultimate grandmother in my opinion. I started preparing right away, got the rooms ready but all the while my cunt started to drip. Thinking about tiny little bald cunts, itty bitty dickies…I was so turned on! I started to think about my grandbrats mother, my daughter. All the things I did with her…and all the things I couldn’t wait to redo over and over with my newest addition to my family. I am going to make this little one grow up loving my house and everything in it – even if some things hurt, and need to take place…they will always come back for more and more. It’s in our blood.

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