I love being pregnant!

pregnant phone sexI’d ask you to get me pregnant, but I already am! You’ll have to get in line, get right to the front for when I pop this one out. I have started a trend I am not ready to quit just yet of getting pregnant first thing after I pop out a new one. Being pregnant is the best thing, I am always horny and ready for more cock! It’s true what they say about pregnant women… we ARE always horny! Just check my panties; I’ve already gotten them soaking wet with my horny lil juices! Just thinking about fucking gets me wet and ready to ride a fat cock. Obviously my standards for men are pretty low considering that I have not a damn clue who the father is of this lil baby inside me, but she is gonna be a whore just like her Mommy one day! In the meantime, you have me to be your skanky little slut at your every beck and call. Ready to suck your cock dry, ready to bend right over and let you fuck whatever hole suits you… whatever you want as long as cock’s involved I’m ready to please!

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