Let Me Lick Your Lollipop

phone chat numbers loisYou ever see that certain girl who always seems to have some kind of object in her mouth? Well that’s me! I’m the girl that’s always stuffing my face with lollipops, banannas, and popsciles! If it’s suckable, or even resembles a cock in any way – I’ll make sure to have it in my mouth! Can’t you tell by looking at me that I’m a greedy little whore? Once I get your cock in my mouth I’ll make sure to suck and lick it clean! By the time I am done with you, all your cum will be emptied into my tummy and what a yummy treat for me! Sure, I’m a little chubby, but that also means I will try even harder to please you! Don’t you want a girl that will do anything and everything it takes to get you off? I will do literally ANYTHING! As long as it involves sucking your cock just a little…which brings me to my next question, are you ready to let me lick your lollipop?

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