Let me take your money and your cum.

phone chat numbersI can be a sweet mommy or I can be a wicked slut. When it comes to my boys, I’m nurturing but tough. But when I go out on the town, I’m looking. I turn into a cougar looking to add men to my collection. I weed out the sissies and take control of them. A little blackmail and they give me what I want. I see nothing wrong with a little financial domination to make a little extra. I give sissies exactly what they want.  A taste of my fat black strap-on. They arch those asses right up in the air for me and I ream them out good. I love laughing at the little throbbing cocks as they whimper and beg for more. I believe they love being used this way. They seem to love it more when I threaten to expose their dirty secrets. Oh, imagine the shame if friends and family knew what they did behind closed doors. Better pay Mommy well to keep our little secret.

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