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mommy phone chatDo you like mommy phone chat? Did you know I was a real life dirty mommy? Lots of guys think I play a role, but I am not an actress. What I am is a mother who fucks her brats. My daughter and my son are college age now, but they were still school age when we started our family fucking ways. I didn’t grow up in an incest family. I never really thought about incest until I found myself divorced with a high sex drive. This was before the Internet and cell phones. There were no hook up apps like Tinder yet. I was horny, but no man wanted to date a woman with two small brats at home. Vibrators weren’t enough for my sexual needs. Then one day I caught my daughter blowing her brother and everything changed. I was not pissed like they expected me to be. Hell, I was even surprised that I was not pissed off. I watched them while I rubbed my pussy like I was watching a porn movie. When they realized that I was masturbating not calling a family shrink, they asked me to join them. I hesitated briefly, then caved to my hormones. I had a threesome with my son and my daughter. The rest is history. We have been fucking as duos and a threesome ever since. I love that my brats are mother fuckers. Call me sometime and I can share all the dirty, explicit things we do as a family with you.

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