Mother May I…

phone chat numbers otoberMommy and Daddy have been in a tiff lately. So my mother decided to get an apartment on her own. Her and daddy were going thorough a kind of trial separation,and that meant they both were going wild in their own ways. Daddy, buying sports cars and going to bars. Mommy bringing home a different guy every night. One of those weekends where I had to go stay with mommy I was please to find out a man friend of hers was coming over and the two of them would be drinking and staying in. Later that night when she brought home that nights flavor I realized he was an ex-boyfriend of mine. The three of us began drinking on and having fun when the two of them started getting a little frisky. At first I wanted to leave the room. Then, I scooted closer placed my hand on the outside of his jeans and simply said, “Mother may I?” She reached her hand down under mine and without removing her tongue from his throat she unzipped his pants and pulled his cock from it. She reached her hand to the back of my head and began to shove my head onto his stiff rod. His cock rammed down my throat and I was one happy camper. The three of us fucked long and hard. I even got to make mommy cum eating out that pussy of hers. He showered the two of us with buckets of cum from his giant ball sacs. Mommy and I decided we should do this more often. When it came to her, I knew I did not have much of a choice anyway.

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