My belly gets bigger every day

pregnant phone sexMy pregnant belly is growing, I am going to give birth soon and then pregnant phone sex with me with be no more, till I find someone new to knock me up. That shouldn’t be too hard, a couple gangbangs with my cunt full of cum and I’m sure the job will be done and my tummy will start to swell again, I won’t know which one of these guys knocked me up and it won’t matter because they have given me what I wanted. That cum, that seed that will get me what I want… a round belly, an extra wet and horny pussy and another little one to add to my collection of whores in training. Does the thought of helping fuck me till you get me pregnant get your cock hard? Or are you just looking to play with my little ones, and fuck them till their begging Mommy to make you stop but knowing I am going to do nothing of the sort, that I’m just going to help and make them special babysluts all for you and all for me.

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