My Phone Chat Lines are for Age Play Fantasy Fun

phone chat linesOn my phone chat lines, we can talk about anything, even age play fantasies. Most men have desires for a much younger girl. Maybe his daughter or niece? Perhaps his girlfriend’s girl or the little slut next door. As men get older they want younger girls. It is funny because when they were younger, they wanted older women.  I think young girls represent immortality to a man, especially one old enough to breed.  Men love to knock up a sweet young thing. Corrupting her is part of the fun. Of course when he knocks her up, he hopes she has a baby girl so when she ages out, he has another sweet young thing to corrupt. I love my age play fantasy callers. I want to be that really young girl you corrupt and knock up. You can be someone I know, or a complete stranger who kidnaps me. I read all the news stories about young missing girls found years later and now they have several brats they bore their kidnapper. Those kind of stories make me wet. I always wished someone would have snatched me up when I was pretty young and raised me as his daughter. His daughter he fucked of course. I did have sex with my daddy, but there is something more taboo even than daddy daughter fucking. Getting pregnant by a much older stranger seems pretty taboo. Do you ever see really young girls at the mall and wonder what if? I bet I can help you. With an accomplice like me, I know I can snatch up whichever young princess you desire. They never would suspect a teen dream girl of being a dirty P accomplice. I know I might be too old for  you now, but we can find you a young sweet thing. Then there are always sexy role plays.

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