Our Thanksgiving was delicious!

perverted phone sexFor Thanksgiving Daddy and I didn’t waste our time making a turkey, no we started the day before with our cooking and our ‘shopping.’ We were looking for something plump, but not too fatty of course. A big round side to it and thick thighs too. Mmm, that girl over there is perfect. She’s doing some last minute shopping herself, so I most certainly plan on taking care of that for her. The minute she’s all alone out in this big dark parking lot I know she is up for grabs. Who would ever suspect a sweet looking girl like me? I’ve even got my hair in braids. She’ll be home and tied up in no time, no struggles for her because smelling this cloth in my hand sure does knock a bitch out. I didn’t wanna hit her and bruise our meat. She can only stay unconscious for so long, normally they wake up after I’ve shaved them bald and start to clean all those nasty perfumes, and lotions off her body. This meat was no different. But she couldn’t even make a sound she was so scared! I washed her real good  and  brought her to Daddy who was very excited to stuff her full… she needed quite a few seasonings as well. I know our thanksgiving is a little different than most, but our deep fried meat was delicious once she stopped screaming through the carrots in her mouth and I bet you can’t wait to know what we put in her pussy!

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