Whats Your Fetish?

2 girl phone sex (11)

Who fucking knows what you’re into? All I know is Mommy and I – do it all. We know there are so many fetishes out there so we try to cater to each and every one of them. We love a good 2 girl phone sex call; we get to work together to get that cock pumping and that cum, cumming! We don’t stop until the call ends, and you’re fully satisfied. Mommy is so fucking experienced… so she taught me all I know. She even taught me all about those panty boys who love to buy our sexy undies. Oh yes!  It’s not a new thing at all for either of us, we have more than one guy who loves to order our panties, get them in the mail, then give us a call. He can smell both of our soaking wet pussies all over them because we make sure to get each other soaking wet all day long to get the best possible result! They never last long once they have our panties in their hand and us on the phone they are sold!

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