Panty Pervert

Look at you, you panty pervert! So you need some panty boy phone sex to help with your perverted fetish, do you? I am your perfect slut to tease you and humiliate you about stealing your teen sisters panties. I caught you, bro, in my dirty clothes hamper humping my soiled panties like a little horny beast. I think I will parade you around in my laciest feminine panties and let everyone watching laugh at you. You are a pathetic panty humper, and panty sniffing pervert aren’t you? Well I have ideas for your type, and something tells me your perverted needs are beyond just the panties, aren’t they… Sissy? I will dress you in some sexy pink lingerie and put on a strap-on and make you beg for my cock you naughty perverted panty boy sissy faggot.

Panty boy phone sex

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