Phone chat lines

Phone chat linesI get bored and horny at work. The monotonous daily routine drives me insane. I think about being force fed cum and guzzling it till my mouth is full of it. I like being able to take endless loads till I feel like I’m going to choke. I feel a hard cock fuck my mouth hard I can feel it grow thicker and hard as it penetrates my mouth. My eyes swell up with tears because I’m trying to gag, You hold my mouth shut and make me swallow because I’m an excellent cum bucket. These are the thoughts that make up my day. When I’m having a dull day, I even rub my pussy under my desk. I keep quiet as much as I can, but sometimes I let out a couple moans. I was scrolling some phone chat lines, and I found a guy not to far away. We arranged to meet up when I clock out. I just was craving cum and could careless about small talk. I got so anxious I made him meet me in one of the study rooms. I got him to lock the door, and I pulled his cock right out and started to deep throat hard. I couldn’t wait to taste his creamy cum. As soon as he squirted it out, I got it all over my face and licked my lips. 😉 I love finding random guys to shoot their loads on my slutty face.

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