phone chat lines

phone chat lines

Yes, I am not a good wife I never claimed I was betty crocker. I have a huge flaw I accept that. My husband has no idea the Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde type of person I am. I will never be a perfect housewife I will always be wanting to fuck and get cock deep down in all my wet holes. I call up phone chat lines to hook up with an array of guys and t makes me feel complete when I do so. The rush I get from getting someone who is nearby me and ready to fuck is like nothing else.I think I am addicted to fucking and I’m more than proud of it. I want to have all the cocks I can have while I’m young hot and able. I think life is about orgasms. Great shoes and orgasms. The only thing I love more than money is fucking. Yes and That’s a fact jack!


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