Phone chat lines

phone chat lines

I was bored one night and I was with a friend we were getting into some chat rooms and we were doing things we weren’t supposed to. We were supposed to study Pharma terms but instead we decided to visit some phone chat lines online. At this point we were both virgins we were barely experience but we wanted to know a lot about sex. We were both very curious about all the men on the site. There was a couple guys who wanted spinners and that’s exactly what we were. My friend Tara and I we’re little Spinners we have tiny tits tiny twats and Tiny bum holes. There were black cocks wanting little Spinners like us. We set it up at least two guys were going to come to fuk us. Jamal and Devon wanted a piece of our tight little teen asses they came over as soon as we gave him the address our parents weren’t around and these big black men we’re going to f*** us and make us their little slut. Within seconds we were basically chatting online and then we were basically getting our asses and twats busted by big black cocks. The internet is definitely no place for yunginz. We wouldn’t change our experiences for the world’s we love big black cocks.

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