Phone Chat Numbers for No Limits Sluts

phone chat numbersPhone chat numbers are all over the Internet, but you should be selective about the companies you select. I am proud to say I work for a no limits company. Honestly, I would be at a loss if I was restricted about what I could talk about. I don’t have a vanilla life. I don’t want one either. I am happy being a taboo submissive slut. I went to this new underground club over the weekend. It was an extreme bondage club. The rule of the club, any club like this, is that no bodily fluids can be exchanged which means no blood, piss or cum. Well, where is the fun in that? I like blood, piss and cum to be exchanged. Did I tell you I was a nasty freak? I know how the BDSM circuit operates. There are always VIP rooms for big rollers where anything goes. I am popular in these types of clubs because I have no limits and I don’t need a safe word. I found the fat cat of the club Saturday night and flirted shamelessly. I knew I had what he wanted: big tits he could abuse; big tits he could cum and piss on. He paid off the guy working the VIP room and it was just us with no limits. He slapped my big jugs a few dozen times as foreplay. That made my pussy wet. He had some military grade rope to bind my big boobs into torpedoes. He bit my nipples, so they would bleed. When he kissed me, I could taste my own blood on his lips. He used hot wax and cigarettes on my boobs, not caring at all about the “never leave a permanent mark” rule of the club. When I had open wounds on my tits, he pissed on them creating a painful burning sensation that made me cum. He never fucked me, however, he did fuck up my boobs. I can’t wait to go back to this club.

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