Phone chat lines

Phone chat lines

Phone chat lines always get me in trouble. Daddy went through my computer because his computer wasn’t working. Well what Daddy saw wasn’t something that I wanted him to see he kind of saw me and some other guys and many photos. Daddy went through all my messages and saw me completely naked. When I got home I noticed that he was in my room he told me to strip. I had to strip for Daddy I had no choice and he wanted to give me some bare ass spankings. My poor ass was so red Daddy really smacked me hard. I noticed that he was getting very rock hard. oh my god daddy liked what he was doing to me. Daddy was enjoying smacking my ass his hard-on was obvious. I actually just went with it I started to unzip Daddy’s pants and started to be his little cock sucking princess. Once I gave daddy a nice blow he forgot all about the bad things I did and we called it even


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