phone chat lines

phone chat lines

Phone chat lines are fun. I met my good friend cara in one of them. Cara and I eventually started working together and we got in all kinds of trouble. We would have full on orgies with the bosses. We were working for porn agency and we were handling all the reception type work.We weren’t making much. Our boss wanted us to not only bring in young sluts but also to give fun favors at all times. We would go on whore scouts. We would have to spot barely legal sluts and convince them to get their foot into porn. We would first start by telling them it was just acting then we would corrupt them. We were both basically accomplice in a sick game for our bosses. Our bosses were more like three masters ready to use us in the office and make us fuck whoever they wanted. As long as we brought in hot new talent we were spared, but for the times we fell short we would be deep throat blow job sluts and cum dumps. Cara and I never thought we would sex slaves but we are and we love it when we mix it with the coke.

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