Young dumb and full of cum

phone chat lines

Phone chat lines are always fun when you are able to share them with some friends. One day my friend Becca Lindsey and Tessa we’re all bored. That’s what happens when you’re bored you end up making some questionable decisions. We wanted to invite some guys over for some good old fashioned orgy fun. What’s a girl to do when she’s young dumb and wanting to be full of cum. Yep have a nice orgy with her best girlfriends. The guys that caught her I ended up not living too far away from us. We awaited them and it looks like they came lightning speed. Things took a turn for the total best. We went from board brats to horny whores. We all we’re enjoying wrong fuck fest. It was such a hot experience to share who knew that the internet would be so useful when you least expect it. Porn is so yesterday it’s all about hooking up and talking explicitly.

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