Phone chat lines

phone chat lines

My mommy would bring home guy after guy to fill up my holes. My pussy was always so full of cum. I would go through the day leaking in my panties, just drooling cum juice right out of me. Today was extra special because my mommy decided to invite four special guys to our house.

These are the regular guys I normally get my holes full of. Well She said she wanted to try and see if they could make me into their own special cum filled piñata and fill up all of my holes at the exact time! I was super excited since I would love to be stuff all at once.

They took turns putting me in all the positions they liked to have me. Splits, feet over head, all fours, and more. I was doing my best to give all four cocks the attention they needed so that I could get all that juicy milky cum right out of their cock holes.

I had one cock in my ass and  the other in my pussy, thrusting at the same time. I jerked one off in my hand and the other in my mouth. I felt the two down in my tight pink ass and pussy hole starting to explode. They went as deep as they could go, and then unloaded every drop of seed into me.

The other cocks I had in my hand and mouth, I quickly had them fill up those slimy cum filled holes and made them shove themselves as deep as they would go. They started shooting their cum completely into me, filling my pussy and ass completely up.

My twat and ass were wanting to gush all of that cum out of me all at once, but I made sure to make sure it stayed inside of me as long as it could.

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