Phone Chat Lines for Hot Times!

I had been working out in my garden, weeding and prepping for the plants I want to grow. As I finished up and started back inside to clean up, I noticed the neighbor in the house behind me staring out his window. I nodded my head toward my house just as he turned to avoid being noticed. He turned back for a moment, and I smiled and headed inside.Phone chat lines

By the time he knocked on the door, I had cleaned up and was ready for him. I called out that the door was unlocked, and heard it open. He walked into the living room to find me, with only my hat still on, kneeling down and leaning over the couch. My big, beautiful ass was in the air, cunt and shit hole visible. His mouth was open, his cock forming a hard tent in his pants. I watched, an evil smirk on my face, as I wiggled my ass, and his hands flew to his pants. He had his cock out in record time. I reached back and pulled my cheeks apart with both hands, swiping one of my pinkies along my sphincter. In no time, he was behind me, spitting on my tight little hole, running a wet finger around the outside, pressing it into me. Then, the head of his cock touched my ass, and I started pressing back into him. I wanted that head inside my little ass hole SO badly, and I just forced my ass to take it, gasping and moaning with the pain of taking that massive dick. When the head finally broke through, I shoved my ass back hard, driving him home. That was all she wrote. He started thrusting in and out as I reached down and started playing with my clit. The build up was intense, and we both came quickly. He filled my ass with his jizz until it started dribbling back out.

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