Phone Chat Lines for a Sexy Switch

phone chat linesPhone chat lines are filled with blondes, so what makes me any different from the rest? I am sexy switch. For more than half my life, I was a submissive slut for my father and his friends. I was not willing then but I had no choice. My mother had left us, and I had no family. I did what I was told so I would not end up in a group home living maybe a worse life. I ran away and dropped out of high school, but I Discovered the world was full of mean men just like daddy and his poker pals. Trying to be anything but a sub was hard. I did porn and hooked for a few years before I found my calling in fetish modeling. That led to a fan base and strip clubs as a featured dancer. Stripping led to my sugar baby life and the discovery that not all cocks are created equally. I still strip and model, but now I do phone sex too. Now I have a switch side. And which side of me you get depends only on your cock size. My days of being a sub to any man are over. I am only a slave to great big cocks, and more often than not those cocks are black. It is easy to fall to my knees and worship a big black dick. Just know that when you call me, the size of your dick determines how we play.

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