Phone Chat Lines For All Kinds of Fetishes

phone chat linesPhone chat lines are for any horny guy. I am a special girl who enjoys all sorts of fetishes. I know I am a fetish for my many of my callers with my sexy tranny cock. I have a lover enjoys being with a dominant tranny who smokes. He loves hearing me smoke as I tell him how my ten-inch cock is going to ruin his ass. He loves to jerk off to a smoking hot woman, pun intended, LOL.  As I skull fuck him, I blow smoke in his face. He loves it when there is a cloud of smoke that hovers over my cock and balls as he is worshiping me. The more I puff, the better he sucks. I easily go through a pack of cigarettes before I shoot a wad of spunk down his throat. He is my little cum whore. He loves my cum. I had never fucked him until last week. He was a backdoor virgin until I fucked his ass. I am a beautiful, sexy, transgendered woman. Men cannot resist me, not even married men. Most of the guys who hook up with me are married men like my smoking fetish lover. He is so hooked on my cock that he can no longer fuck his wife.  All he thinks about is shemale cock. For months it was nothing but smoking and blowjobs because he did not want to cheat on his wife. Finally, he caved. I penetrated his ass while I blew puffs of smoke over his head. He loved me in his ass too. His cock was rock hard. I reached around and jacked his shaft as I pumped my dick in and out his tight hole. Getting your ass fucked for the first time is worth lighting up a few cigarettes. We laid there in a huge wet spot smoking and spooning like old fashioned lovers. Anything can happen on my phone chat numbers. What is your fetish?

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