Phone Chat Lines For All Kinks

phone chat lines

If you’re a submissive loser and you’re looking for domme phone chat lines, you are in exactly the right place. As a dominant woman, I know exactly how to put a so-called man like you in your place. You’re weak, pathetic, and it’s high time that you stop trying to convince the world that you’re more than you are. From now on, you’ll be on your knees at my feet and you’ll have to ask for permission to do anything and everything – ESPECIALLY touching your poor, useless excuse for a dick. You’ll be sorry if you dare touch it without my permission.
It’ll be fun to have a little loser pet like you. You’ll do all the busy work and chores I have to do while I have fun. You’ll wear what I tell you to. You’ll even sleep in a cage in my spare room. And if you think that’s when you’ll have time to touch yourself, think again. You’re gonna be put in a chastity device while you watch your favorite kind of porn. Ah, I love to torture, whether it’s psychological or physical. Are you ready for some domme fun with me? Get on your knees and call me now.

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