Phone Chat Numbers for Girls You can Knock Up

phone chat numbersMy phone chat numbers are for men who like to be chubby chasers. You see, I am a chubby phone sex whore who will rock your world. I am filled with naughty fantasies for us to explore. Lately, I have been fantasizing about being a breeding whore for an older man like you.  I do not have any little ones of my own yet. I get asked all the time to play mommy because of my big tits and curvy body. I find being a phone sex mommy hot. I also find P men extremely hot. Think about it. I am good breeding stock. I could birth you a little girl to raise to be a very special daddy’s girl. And, if I end up having a boy the first try, I get a little bedroom playmate. Want to knock me up? I was thinking you could tie me to my bed and watch lots of men fuck me. Your friends, maybe? They could all take turns and fill me up with baby batter. I have the perfect body to impregnate. I have big tits and a round ass. I am sturdy and can handle the extra weight. My boobs will get bigger, so will my belly. I will just become a sexier BBW knocked up. And I bet I will be even hornier. Pregnancy kicks a woman’s hormones into overdrive. What do you think? Want to explore knocking me up? I mean if you have ever wanted a little girl all for yourself, this might just be the win-win situation of your wet dreams. I think I will be a great mommy because I am a no limits kind of woman. I will let you get away with the things most women would call the cops on you for! Are you game to try? Let’s have pregnant phone sex.


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