Phone Chat Lines For Incest Breeding

phone chat lines

Phone chat lines for incest breeding with my hot daddy. I am his little girl and I have loved my daddies cock for so long. Now that I am still young but of breeding age. ANd that is any age after a girls first period! I really want daddy or my brother to breed me. See My daddy is really my Uncle. Yep, my mommies brother. I know that is so kinky and incest, right? And now I want my Daddy uncle to give me his sperm. Then he can be my babies, great uncle daddy grandpa!

Now don’t let this incest slut confuse you. All you need to know is I love incest and I want to be bred! I am your little girl who has gotten her very first period and now I am going to be a young P-mommy for you. I am going to need all the baby batter you can give this phone chat numbers young slut. I am a sweet tiny titted thing that needs as much cum as you can offer me. No barriers just a cum shot deep in my vagina from you. I have a sweet little mouth and I love daddies small peepee. It fits so well in my mouth. I just need his seed, wink wink. I won’t stop until my cunny is happy and I am big and round with a baby in my belly. My thighs will get big, my tits will grow and I will be a young naughty mommy. I will teach my brat all the sexual pleasures under the sun.

It is just another teen story of sex and incest. The worst kept secret ever! I love fucking my family and being the ultimate cum dump for all the sexy men in my family. Cousins, daddy, uncles, and brothers galore.

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