Phone Chat Lines for Incest

phone chat linesPhone chat lines are everywhere on the Internet. I am surprised how many guys call me daily thinking this is free. No phone sex company is free. Just wishful thinking on their part I guess. Companies like mine are a business. I talk dirty for a living. I enjoy talking to men with mommy and family fun fantasies. That is where my experience comes in handy. I am a real life mother. I have a small brood of 6, three boys and three girls.  I married a much older man who was into young girls. Turns out, I am into young boys. He married me, so I could give him little girls to play with. I ended up having some little boys I could play with too. I love being a phone sex mommy because I love being a dirty mommy.  The fact that men pay me to talk about my family fun experiences and help them create some of their own, gives me a sloppy wet pussy. I am not your typical mom. I have done porn. I have hooked. I still strip. And, now I do phone sex. I am the mommy every boy wants.

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