Phone Chat Lines For Perverts

phone chat numbersI love it when you perverts call my phone chat lines. They make me so wet telling me all the things they want to do to my young sweet tight bald body. How the taste of my young teen pussy is like nectar to them. They can’t get enough. They want to eat me for hours. I rub my wet cunt as they give me the details of rolling my clit between their lips. I moan as they tell me they want to stick their fingers inside of me and finger my tight wet hole. How they will lick every last drop of my cum from my pussy and then kiss me so I can taste myself. Then they lay me down and squeeze my perky tits as they guide their rock-hard cock deep inside of my wet cunt. They lift my legs above their shoulders and pound my pussy. Deep and hard. Long smooth strokes. Stretching my hole as their balls beat against me. I arch my back wanting to take them as far in as I can. Their balls swell and my clit is rock hard. With one hard stroke they unload their cum. The feel of their pulsating cock makes me cum all over it. Now baby, I am all worked up now so give my phone chat numbers a ring so we can have some more fun.

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