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My phone chat lines are for sexy BBW lovers. I love a man who loves my sexy ass curves. I have this one married lover. Okay, technically I have like 30 plus married lovers. I am a slut mistress when it comes to married men. This one lover, however, is my favorite married man. He owns a motorcycle. That is just bonus. He is not the handsomest of my lovers. Nor is he the richest or most hung either. He loves being with me and he makes time for me. Yesterday, for example he needed a fix of his hot bbw mistress. His wife has been on quarantine because she got Covid. She has been watching him like a hawk. He told her he had cabin fever. It was not a lie. He was tired of being cooped up in the house with her and unable to see his favorite girl. He told his ball and chain that he was going for a bike ride in the country. He did too. He just took me along for the ride. We found a secluded spot off the road and by a lake. This way we could fuck. I am sure on beautiful summer days like this one, we are not the only ones communing with nature. I laid down a blanket and he ate my wet bald pussy with the sun beating down on us both. The warmth of the sun combined with the warmth of his tongue made me cum so hard. I squirted all over his face. I loved it too. I mean damn, he is a skilled cunt licker. But I have my oral talents too. I showed off my cock sucking skills, using my tits as my accomplice. Before long I had him jizzing all over my tits. I was just grateful he figured out a way for us to be together because I needed his big cock badly. My phone chat numbers take care of married men.

phone chat lines

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