Phone Chat Lines for Sick Fantasies

phone chat linesIt is the month of Halloween. Phone chat lines should be about your dark desires and snuff fantasies. I am not your typical phone sex girl. I cater to the thoughts men have that could get them not only divorced, but arrested too. I am a sick bitch. You can be my victim or my accomplice, but those are the only two options. I do not do fuck calls. I have dildos for that. What I need are men who will help me rid the world of certain types of girls. Do you have rape fantasies? Where the fuck part of phone sex comes in with me, is when you force your dick into the tiny holes of a young girl crying for a mommy who will never rescue her. I get wet on fear. I hate little self-entitled brats. The same girls I hate, you lust after because they are cock teasers. We team up and it is a win win sort of situation. I get rid of one less brat in the world and you get to fuck a little Lolita cock tease. You can kill her too if you want. I told you I was not your typical girl you find at the other end of phone sex numbers.

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